redlink the exporter

r3dlink the exporter

Hi there friends, this is my first commercial software release, i hope that could be useful for many indie cinematographers working with the RED CAMERA workflow.

this great application let yous export a whole FCP project o a multilayer folder structure of image sequences.

the software use metada reading , so you dont need to set again any of the color settings.

if you want you can render logarithmic dpx to make color correction with full range in any of your favourite CC softwares.

Also the software try to simplify the most the linking stage to the .R3D raw data, using spotlight like technology to perfom an exauhstive search of the source media.

please take a look at the software site

you will need to install redline and redcodec from , to allow R3Dlink to access to the Raw data.

check out the site


shake and nuke
Hi There !

In the past days we have a project with a lot of 4K layers and we need to create some ways to simplify the composition trees, and make sure of we were using always the same composition procedure.

We need to face the following tasks:

- Automate the composition of matted foreground (using almost only chroma keys) over backgrounds
- Use LightWrapping and edgeBlur
- Create a easy way to prevent the edge blur and lightwrap to act in small pixel areas (like fingers)
- Detect the areas with High Motion differrence to allow add exra blur to final composition to prevent the motionblur keying garbage, and remove the spill inside the high motion areas.

for this i create this macro that takes care of the following tasks:

- Over Compsition
- LightWrapping
- Edgeblur
- Detection of fine Detail Areas ( only nuke)
- Detection of Moblur Areas ( only nuke)
- Extra Blur composition in Moblur Areas With spill spuression. ( only nuke)

In the top of this post is a screen shot of the nuke gizmo.

These are some examples:

I will feel very happy to enhance future realese with new users features.

Download it here.

Please send some examples of how are u using this gizmo/macro to