r3dlink v1.10 free release

Hi !

This is a conforming tool for Final Cut Pro r3d cam pipelines. more info here:


Please consider the following before download:

1. Only Intel Macs
2. You need to install Redline that comes with RedCine or RedAlert from here: www.red.com
3. Also you need to have installed de R3D quicktime codec.

For use follow these steps:

1. Export your FCP project as XML ( multilayer is specially well supported)

2. Open r3dlink consider following:
a) You will need to use r3dlink in the same computer where you have connected the .r3d media.
b) For better results run r3dlink from the same computer where you are editing the offline.

3. load the XML file
4. Wait to complete the automatic linking.

5. If there are unlinked clips click on the timeline to relink them.

6. when you have all your media linked you can select
a) Wich items export
b) Crop each clip
c) use the split view to compare against a copy work ( load copywork first).

7. When you are ready click on the export button below the timeline.

8. Configure tour export settings and click "start exporting"

9. select a folder.

10 watch the export progress this could take a very long time depending on the size of your jobs.

11. when export is complete browse your folder to see the exported media.

12. also there is a report.html just drag it to yur browser to see a resume of the job

if you have any questions feel free to contact us at vfxwarrior@gmail.com

Special request could be evaluated.


Download link:


*version .9


Special Thanks to MonkeybreadSoftware for their great work with their RB plugins.