Technicolor 2 Strip & 3 Strip

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photos by Luis Montemayor Flikr.

Download the script here> vfxtalk post

A few years ago when The aviator was launched, i made a research to obtain the same 2 strip and 3 strip color correction look inside the movie.
After looking at the traditional chemical 2 strip and 3 strip Technicolor process i found that the magic behinds these look is derived from the restrictive nature of the filtering process in the lens of the Technicolor cameras.

These devices takes independent films strip for each channel component RGB using optical filtering. Then using prismatic reflections to integrate on one RGB beam, the full color image was reconstructed to the viewer.

For this reason to convert a full RGB image into the restricted pure channel RGB space nature of the Technicolors process depends on reproducing the optical filtering, creating control masks that represents the RGB values that are being mixed outside the Technicolor RGB space.
I made up a shake script that recreate a pure color filtering lenses image using color reorder nodes that takes out the desired component. This way:






Then these images were weighted to each supplementary channel component (CMY) to represents in weighted mode how much of the complementary component was inside each channel. Finally these maps where multiplied and subtracted for each RGB component using the followinf formula



Finally the image was reconstructed reordering the channels. These technique generates a 3 Strip technicolor look, and for 2 strip i replaced the Green channel for the luma channel.

2 strip

And this is a chart of the process.

VFX reel 07

This is my final 2007 reel compilation.

Hope you like it !

VWB wip

Cars and banks....

I feel very happy because we are nearby to finish a complex TV ad for VolksWagen Bank of Mexico. This ad was full filmed on green screens, and needs photorealistic compositing & fine color treatment.

We take this shot with a planar lighting and then, i create two ambient color corrections ( one inside the room more yellow and another to create an outside ambient more cyan). To design aconvincent change of lighting over the characters i use a Z depth roto fake to make a soft switch of the lighting when the characters cross the line going outside the room.

I want to share this WIP preview of the closing sequence.

3d work by organika guys.

This is a screenshot from my shake tree.

Light Streaks

Bluetooth the world

This is a little non TV ad i made, using the techniques i found in this excellent tutorial from videocopilot.

The shooting was inside my house in a little room without proper lighting, on a DV camera.

The pre, pro and post production was made in 18 hours.

Hope you like it !.

Latest works

Hi there.

This is a small selection of my VFX work at organika, hope you like it.

VFX blogging

Welcome to my blog.

Im a VFX lover. I always feel very atracted by the magic power to create visual illusions behind the tradional and CG techniques.

I will share tutorials and techniques with other VFX geeks like me.... but first my presentation...

I start programming C on a borland compiler when i was 11 years old. It takes me 3 years to finally compile a very simple drawing application with pen, reactangle, cirlce, fill, color palette, and the special feature to create some 3D fake objects, like cubes and spheres, using simple euclidian array equations to rotate and scale objects.

The real history of VFX starts some years later when i get a work as VFX Assistant at Ollin Studio in Mexico City, reporting to Roberto Garcia ( ). In this possition i had freedom to contact with all other departments, so i start working closer with TDs and Comp Supervisors, developing little applications and helping in proactive way with other workgroups.

Finally one year later i got a chance to leader a new compositing cell at Ollin Studio. We call this new workgroup Odhin (god of war and magic arts). Whit this new assignement as Comp Supervisor, with the senior comp Supervisor Pepe Fernandez, we start working on the frist DIT pipeline at mexico, with features as Fuera del cielo , Efectos Secundarios , Morirse en Domingo and kM 31.

Before these projects i go back to the freelance TV advertising industry in Mexico City, working as Digital Compositor but not only, developing multple tasks as TD, 3d artist, motion graphics, Massive Software TD and VFX supervisor.

Since May 2007, Im working at Organika as Lead Compositor.

Well, this is my first official high end reel ( 05 - 06 ), Hope you enjoy it !